Endless Benefits & Features

The number of RAMANI features is ever growing to ensure that each person benefits.

Offline Navigation

Find directions to different places without the need for an internet connection. RAMANI maps also work entirely offline thus ensuring that RAMANI is present whenever you need it.

Road Assist

With RAMANI you don't have to worry about roads that you are not familiar with, or driving at night or during heavy rains. RAMANI watches over your back by warning you on Speed bumps, speed limits, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, junctions, roundabouts....etc

Traffic Jam

Our team is always working round the clock to ensure accurate and timely traffic jam information. You can plan your route with clear understanding of traffic jam, both now and in the future.

Location Sharing

RAMANI helps you keep in touch with people that are expecting you or you are expecting. You can share your journey with your friends and family. You can also send them address e.g. your home, party venues, etc

Our Services

Car Navigation

The first and best offline car navigation solution in Uganda. RAMANI perfectly does the job of taking you there..safely!

Fleet Management

Monitor driver behaviour, travel times, trip reports, over speeding, over acceleration, etc for all your fleet.


Our Smart GPS trackers can help you keep an eye on all your assets including cars, generators, trucks..

Customized Maps

Sometimes you want to have your own maps..say office locations, property locations, etc. RAMANI allows you to do just that.

Logistics & Transport

Clients don't have to call you for a cab. They can simply use their smartphones to get one and also see the driver while they come.

Route Optimization

How long does it take to move from Kampala to Tororo then Soroti? Ask RAMANI and it will give you the most optimum route.

Pricing Plan

  • $180 Once off
  • Offline Maps & Navigation
  • Road Assist
  • Favorite places & Points of Interest
  • Contacts & Groups
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
  • $249 Once off
  • Offlines Maps & Navigation
  • Road Assist
  • Favorite Places & Points of Interest
  • Traffic Jam & Incidents
  • Share Locations
  • Contacts & Groups
  • Online updates
  • Min. of 3 Units
  • Communicate with Mobile Users
  • $0 Once off
  • Online maps
  • Favorite places
  • Share location
  • Add missing places

Contact Us

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